Sharing my Blog with Others

As an assignment from my Professor, I was told to show my blog to three different people and asked them questions about what they thought of my blog. I had a few ideas in mind about who to ask to interview, but eventually I knew I wanted to interview. People who had a different mindset than me. Those I knew had different opinions than me. I interviewed my mother, my boyfriend, Chris, and a friend of mine who will remain anonymous because of her personal experience with sexual assault.

My mother and I do not often come to agreement on much. She has very conservative views and I have very free liberal views though I do not classify myself in any political box. My mom is very smart and wise, she pays close attention to the news so she knew much information about my topic already. However, my post about Rape in the Military was surprising to her because she grew up a military brat. My Grandfather was a Colonel in the United States Air Force. She said, “What you stated in your post, to know that those who are supposed to be protecting this country are brothers and sister and the fact that they do this to each other is disturbing they are supposed to be protecting each other as well as the country is why it is the most surprising and captivating.” (Riddle) She could believe the numbers but still it was shocking to her.

Chris, did not know much of anything about Rape Culture. In my blog about College Campuses, I state that colleges would rather pay a $35,000 fine than deal with Rape cases and he was disappointed. When I asked him why he said, “Schools would rather protect their images than their students…” (Augustus). The fact that most schools would was not the only thing to catch him off guard. When he read my blog on the Military he said, it was the most intriguing, “because these are the people that are supposed to be defending our country and they do these types of things to their own people. In my opinion the military wants to do the same thing the colleges are doing, they just want to protect their image so people will keep enlisting.” (Augustus). Whether the Military or the Colleges are purposely covering up Rape cases or not, is irrelevant, because Rape is happening. They cannot change that by hiding cases, but they can help if they start punishing the predators and believing the victims.

My friend, who again will remain anonymous, was sexually assaulted by a close friend who was her coworker. She was truly interested in what my blog had to say. After she had read my blog and she answered my questions she and I kind of went on a 30-minute rant on how in middle school and in high school none of us ever learned about molestation or sexual assault or Rape. We never learned what to do if something like that had ever happened to you. We barely even covered STD’s and abuse. She continued to say “We need to start teaching children about Rape in schools, I don’t care if people think it’s inappropriate. It won’t be if it saves their lives one day.” (Friend) She also said a lot about my Rape in the Military post. Most of what she said coincides with what my mother and Chris have already said that the Military should be held to a higher standard.

Those I interviewed I trust to give me their honest opinions and to tell me what they think. They said they trusted my blog as a credible source and said my facts were well researched. As I said before I do not have the same views as the people I interviewed but they agreed with my Blog, what does that tell you.



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