Sharing my Blog with Others

As an assignment from my Professor, I was told to show my blog to three different people and asked them questions about what they thought of my blog. I had a few ideas in mind about who to ask to interview, but eventually I knew I wanted to interview. People who had a different mindset […]

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College Campus Cover-Ups

In the news, you hear of Universities and college campuses covering up rape and sexual assault claims to try and keep their college’s reputations clean. In early January of 2015, the DOE’s Office for Civil Rights was conducting 97 investigations at 94 universities over concerns that schools had mishandled cases of sexual assault (Kulze, 2015). […]

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Rape in the Military

Rape in the Military. It is so controversial because no one wants to believe that the people who fight to protect our country are capable of abusing and dehumanizing their own brothers and sisters in uniform. There are so many cases that are covered up by whoever the Military or the Government, that are blatantly […]

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Surveying My Peers

I think it was important to explore Rape Culture because I have my opinions about the subject and I know some statics and some facts about it from my research, but it was interesting to see what those my age did and did not know about Rape Culture. Most of the students I interviewed seemed […]

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